Tuesday, November 14, 2006

TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS: I was curious how Time's list of the 100 all-time albums stacked up against the first 100 albums on Rolling Stone's list of the top 500 albums, so I did a little comparison.

My findings:
  • The two lists have 62 albums in common. A few are cosmetic, as in Time listing a recent collection of Elvis Presley's No. 1 hits and "Sunrise" and Rolling Stone going with "Sun Sessions" and "Elvis Presley." Also the two magazines agree in essence about Al Green and Sly and the Family Stone. So, essentially the number is closer to 66 or so in common.
  • Time's list is not ranked, but the highest ranked album on RS's list to miss the cut in Bob Dylan's "Blood on the Tracks" (16). The highest ranked album on Rolling Stone's list by an artist that doesn't even appear on the Time list is "Forever Changes" by Love (40). Other Rolling Stone artists who whiffed on the Time list include The Doors, Pink Floyd, Allman Brothers, Captain Beefheart, Billy Joel, Guns n Roses, The Zombies, Dusty Springfield, and Elvis Costello.
  • Of the 28 albums Time picked from the '00s and '90s, only four are in Rolling Stone's top 100 and only two of those, "Nevermind" and "Achtung Baby," are not anthologies.
  • Other decades: Nine of 18 in the '80s; 22 of 29 in the '70s; 20 of 22 in the '60s; three of four in the 50s.
  • The Beatles are the most represented artist on both lists with five on Time's list and eight on RS's. "Please, Please Me," "Meet the Beatles," and "Let It Be" failed to make Time's list.
  • Other artists who had multiple albums that made RS's list but failed to make Time's cut: Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and the Rolling Stones.
  • Nine of the albums on Time's list that failed to crack the Rolling Stone list are considered hip-hop. Public Enemy's "It Takes a Nation..." is the only hip-hop album on RS's list.
If anyone knows how I can link to a spreadsheet, leave the instructions in the comments and I will try and post my raw data. Otherwise, yes, I am a huge geek.

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