Tuesday, November 14, 2006

USING MY BETTER JUDGMENT, THE ONE-RAP-HIT WONDER MAD COBRA WILL NOT BE QUOTED IN THIS HEADLINE: I told everyone who would listen during Sunday's Eagles game that, if they won, their game in two weeks v. the Colts would be moved to Sunday night as a result of the new "flex scheduling", and I was right. (Obvs, Fox protected Chicago-New England.)

Looking at the rest of the schedule, as well as the rules for flex scheduling (only Sunday afternoon games can move, and each network can protect total five games from moving), I think we can join others in predicting the rest of the primetime matchups for Al and John, whom we don't hate quite as much:

Week 13: Assuming Fox protects Dallas-NYG, then I think it's Jets @ Packers as long as Favre keeps not-sucking; otherwise, Seattle-Denver, I guess, if Alexander is back.

Week 14: Well, NBC is already showing Denver-San Diego I, so they're not showing the sequel. There's a few good options, including Colts @ Jags and Giants @ Panthers, but I like Saints @ Cowboys, because Good @ Evil = Ratings.

Week 15:
Eagles-Giants is a no-brainer, which is why I'd assume Fox is protecting its rights to the game. How about going with Chiefs @ Chargers here?

No flex for week 16 (Christmas eve), so Week 17 is Green Bay @ Chicago if there's any inkling that it's Favre's Last Stand; otherwise, we'll know if Steelers-Bengals, Jaguars-Chiefs or Falcons-Eagles is the best game left. I'm thinking they may well stick Eagles fans in the Linc on a cold New Year's Eve, which will require a fan:security ratio heretofore unseen.


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