Tuesday, November 21, 2006

THE WORLD IS WAITING. SO IS PHIL'S EYEBROW: Well-informed TWoP sources seem to have these teams as booked in The Amazing Race: Teams We'd Like To See Again edition, currently being filmed:
  • Dustin and Kandace (Beauty Queens - this season)
  • Lori and Dave (Beloved Nerds - TAR9)
  • Rob and Amber (TAR7)
  • Uchenna and Joyce (Team Low Motility - TAR7. The only prior winners on the list.)
  • Tian and Jaree (Unmemorable Models - TAR4)
  • Kris & Jon (Relaxed/Dating - TAR6)
  • Charla and "Husband" (TAR5)
  • Colin and Christie (TAR5)
  • Jon Vito and Jill (Team 9/11 Changed Everything - TAR3)
  • Danny and Oswald (Cha! Cha! Cha! - TAR2)
  • Kevin and Drew (The Frats - TAR1)
  • Bill and Joe (Team Guido - TAR1)

An early edition of the list had DJ & Marion Paolo instead of JonVito and Jill. We shall see.

Also: the TWoP book is really fun. Sepinwall has more.

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