Tuesday, January 16, 2007

BUT I HAVE A DEGREE IN VOCAL PERFORMANCE! Blah blah blah way too much time inexplicably dedicated to mediocre Jewel fanatic blah blah blah delusional people blah blah blah crack baby on Holliday blah blah blah more delusional people blah blah blah Navy guy who you knew had to be good because even AI won't mock Our Boys blah blah blah more total nutjobs blah blah blah La Perla boppy kinda ethnic chiquita who'd have been cut in a heartbeat if Minneapolis's talent pool had sucked any less blah blah blah unexpected bleepy outburst from juggler who seemed much more even-keeled during his audition blah blah blah total stalkery froot loop who apparently vowed never to wash her arm again just like Marcia Brady after being smooched by either Joe Namath or Davy Jones after Ace Young finally drew on her arm to get her to go the hell away. Thank God for TiVo.

My main question for the evening: why is it that the painful sucky people are always ugly? There must be violently untalented delusional singers out there auditioning for AI who are nonetheless really cute, right?

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