Thursday, January 25, 2007

OLD PEOPLE ARE COOL, TOO: The L.A. Times catches up with 77-year-old pop music iconoclast Lee Hazelwood, who has a new album out. Hazelwood, who has renal cancer, says its his last. In case you are unfamiliar with the brilliance that is Hazelwood's work, this clip of "Some Velvet Morning" with Nancy Sinatra, with whom he did his best work, really captures it all.

Meanwhile, the folks in Indianapolis, destined to be disappointed in ten days or so, can console themselves with a good book or two, seeing as this is the Year of Vonnegut in Naptown. Here's a Q&A with the author, whose latest and perhaps last book, A Man Without a Country, was just released in paperback. I'd love to make it down there for some of the events, especially if there is a screening of Back to School.

And occasionally when the subject of the Beatles' greatness comes up, there are those whippersnappers among our readership who inevitably say they just don't get it. If that is you, Stylus has compiled a list of the Top Ten Beatles Songs for Lapsed Fans.

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