Tuesday, February 27, 2007

FELL IN LOVE WITH THE DRUMMER, FELL IN LOVE WITH THE DRUMMER: No, Isaac, no one did Wilco on Idol tonight, but we did see a fascinating innovation: DrummerCam. I want that back -- tomorrow, next week, all season long.

That was the highlight of the night. Number two would be Blake Lewis' triumph over Chris Richardson in this week's "white guy who can funk" competition, with "Virtual Insanity" topping "Geek in the Pink", whatever that is. No one, truly, was as good as the top 4-5 women last week, but nor was anyone as bad as the bottom guys this week . . . except for Sanjaya, who whispered his way through "Steppin' Out With My Baby" like he was Michael Jackson circa "Man in the Mirror".

Other than that? Sligh was pretty good, but not great, on Ray LaMontagne's "Trouble", and everyone else was just kinda there. Nothing special. Bring on the ladies.

e.t.a.: Oh, snap. The NYT's Virginia Heffernan lets loose on the show: "Known at the outset for her busty tops and sweet cheerleading — her 'mom I’d like to sleep with' vibe — [Paula Abdul] has lately become a different kind of mother. Dazed, delirious, sulky, petulant, lascivious: she often looks tired and confused, running some words together and inventing others. ... No [Corey Clark] specifics seemed to stick to Ms. Abdul, who Fox maintained had done nothing wrong, but the aura of loucheness is almost palpable. Gone is the perky soccer mom with the ’80s dance moves. She now regularly wears the pliant smile, smeared makeup and bedroom eyes of a woman who’s about to pass out."

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