Thursday, March 1, 2007

DOUBLE DOSE OF DENBY: This week's New Yorker has two pieces from one of my favorite film critics, David Denby -- an essay on the whole narrative-out-of-order thing which has been the rage in contemporary cinema for the past decade-plus (Pulp Fiction, Eternal Sunshine, etc.), and a glowing review of Amazing Grace, the story of British abolitionists starring Ioan "The Human Typo" Gruffudd, which concludes with an insight that surprised me, yet seemed true, and upon which some here might want to opine or offer insight:
Our founding crew of statesmen and intellectuals were no less gifted than Pitt and Wilberforce, but, despite an endless number of best-selling books about them, there isn’t a single good movie devoted to their efforts.

If he's right, why hasn't it happened? What particular slice of history would make a good movie about the Founders?

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