Tuesday, August 28, 2007

HOW YOU EVER GOT TO TEACH A COURSE IN ANYTHING IS TOTALLY AMAZING: Greetings, Fellow ThingThrowers. I’m Professor Jeff, a/k/a occasional commenter Hawkhill, and I teach American history at a Philadelphia-area university. This semester, I’m offering a course on Popular Culture in the United States, and I thought it might be fun to offer a sort of online version of the course, to give you all a sense of how one college professor looks at the history of pop culture. Adam & Co. have generously given their blessings to this proposal (once I promised to eschew footnotes and colons), and I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been named ALOTT5MA's Distinguished Visiting Lecturer for the Fall 2007 term.

I’ll be posting every couple of days for the next fifteen weeks, giving a brief rundown of the topic for that day’s class, pointing you toward relevant readings and websites, and tossing out some ideas for discussion. There will be no formal grades, but neatness counts. And please remember to turn off your cell phones during class.

For starters, here are the books I’ve assigned this semester.
Well, that’s enough information for the first day of class. I’ll be back tomorrow with some more thematic introductory comments -- and your first writing assignment.

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