Monday, September 10, 2007

GIMME, GIMME LESS: I saw enough of last night's MTV Video Music Awards to confirm that way out of the network's target demographic at this point. I guess I'm supposed to know who Fall Out Boy is by this point, and I think I saw them mentioned in Blender once, but, wow, am I old.

(As is Ms. Spears, who now stands barely months away from playing eight shows a week in Tunica and Branson, the less said about her lethargic, pathetic "performance" the better. And was she so desperate for a "comeback" that she couldn't get a pledge from MTV that she wouldn't be immediately followed by five minutes of Sarah Silverman just eviscerating her?)

Oh, for the good old days, when the VMAs mattered, or you could at least see a good performance, a memorable one or a halfway-decent spectacle, or at least see a guy get hit in the head with his own falling guitar (4:00 in).

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