Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ALWAYS REMEMBER 9/11 -- NOW OPEN UNTIL 12AM: The Burger King on Columbus Boulevard nearest my house never fails to disappoint with its slightly inappropriate signs around this anniversary -- last year, I believe, was "Always Remember The Heroes -- Italian Chicken Is Back!"

But we are at a sixth anniversary of that awful day, and while others can handle the geopolitical ramifications, our beat here remains culture, and there is no question that the day's effects are dotted across our cultural universe -- whether in explicit responses like United 93, Bruce Springsteen's The Rising, "24" (whose creation preceded the attacks, but which has undoubtedly been influenced since) or The Onion's 9/11 Issue and South Park's brilliant "Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants" episode, or in more subtle ways -- "Lost," which sometimes plays in the fields of parable.

I am not sure that we've had a "great" piece of art or culture which accurately conveys that day; I don't know that we could. But I figured I should open up the space to talk about the ways in which pop culture has attempted to interpret that day, six years ago today.

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