Tuesday, November 13, 2007

AND MARK COHEN WILL PREVIEW HIS NEW DOCUMENTARY ABOUT HIS INABILITY TO BAKE USING CONVECTION ON HIGH HOLY DAYS: The adapted-for-high-school-musicals Rent has opened at Bucks County's Harry S Truman High School, the same place where the for-schools adaptation of Les Miserables debuted in 2001:
Last week, as playwright Jonathan Larson's family looked on, Truman was the site of the national debut of a new high school version of the Broadway smash Rent.

Truman was handpicked to be the first school in the country to translate the play - the story of a year in the life of group of young artists, dealing with AIDS, love, and friendship - to a school-age audience. ...

Rent's themes are decidedly mature. Aside from AIDS, there are same-sex relationships, death, a stripper, and other weighty matters.

Senior Ashley Vitale plays Mimi and Maureen in alternate performances. Vitale said rather than shying away from the subject matter, the student actors embraced it.

"It's not Grease, it's not Oklahoma! It's modern, and we can all relate. I love it," she said.

Before they saw the script, Vitale said, students worried the play might be too sanitized. And there are subtle differences - less cursing and overt sexuality, one song removed.

But Mimi is still a stripper. She and Roger are still HIV positive. Maureen and Joanne, Angel and Collins are still couples.
According to Wiki, the deleted song is "Contact" -- i.e., "hot, hot, hot, sweat, sweet, wet, wet, wet, etc."

Would anyone like to suggest what further edits the audience will be seeing?

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