Sunday, April 27, 2008

SO VERY SPECIAL: When in Rome, of course, so what did Prince do at the alternarock Coachella Festival this weekend? Cover Radiohead's "Creep". EW's Chris Willman raves:
One complaint I have at festivals is how little evidence there is among some of the performers that they know they’re at a festival; the bigger the headliner, the more they’re apt to just plow through their usual touring show, without any concessions for the uniqueness of the night. But Prince took advantage of the fact that he was at a “rock festival” to show off his rock & roll guitar prowess at the kind of length I’ve never seen him do before, at least outside of an all-instrumental club set. ... If the guy had done nothing in his life but aspire to be the lead guitarist in a band, he’d be a Hall of Famer, but there are so many other aspects to his genius that that’s not always the one he favors. But on Saturday night, he didn’t bogart the Stratocaster, interrupting nearly every song -- except for the most truncated or medley-ized ones -- for an impressive workout, even showing off a couple of times by soloing just with his left hand on the neck while he waved the right around in the air freely, mock-conducting his own virtuosity.
One more video already up on the YouTube: "Seven"/"Come Together".

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