Sunday, August 24, 2008

I HOPE THAT THE LAST SPORT ON THAT LIST IS COMPETED IN ITS "DERBY" FORMAT: According to Jacque Rogge, the sports being considered for (re)inclusion in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games are baseball, softball, golf, squash, rugby, karate and "roller sports".

[Attentive readers may recall that roller hockey was a demonstration sport in 1992, though it looks like it's inline roller speed skating that's closest to the 2016 cut, and not Artistic Roller Skating.)

I'm most interested in rugby joining the Games, and have no interest in baseball or golf because of the lack of the world's best players in the former, and the existence of a recognized set of world championship matches in the latter. As with tennis, if the Olympics isn't going to be the pinnacle of your sport's competitive year, then it just shouldn't be part of the Games.

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