Monday, August 25, 2008

THEY GET LUCKY SOMETIMES? We cannot let our coverage of the 2008 Olympics end without looking at the other end of the spectrum. While we aped NBC's coverage and focused on those winning medals at the Games, Quebec's Jonathan Crowe again authored the DFL blog to track those entrants who placed last in each competition, such as the Games' most rhythm-free gymnastics squad (Brazil) and Britain's Blake Aldridge (age 26) and Tom Daley (age 14), the Games' least synchronized divers. Crowe also has collected some Great DFLs in Olympic History.

I cannot let this topic pass without noting the Olympic return of Mount Holly, NJ's Matt Emmons, a 27-year old accountant who doubles as an expert target shooter. Four years ago in Athens, he would have won gold in the 50-meter 3-position rifle event ... and then he shot at the wrong target in the last round, placing him out of medal contention. He was consoled by a Czech female shooter that night, and ended up marrying her. For four years, they both trained to be able to return to the Games once more, and once more, he found himself in the lead with one last squeeze of the trigger to go. I won't spoil the ending, but this is the kind of drama for which we watch the Games. (Did NBC cover Emmons on any channel at any time?)

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