Monday, February 23, 2009

ALOTT5MA CAREER COUNSELING: A question spurred by last night's Oscars--which of the acting nominees/winners now needs to take their career in a different direction, and where should they go? A few thoughts from my end:
  • New "lightened up" Sean Penn should absolutely do a comedy of some sort, or maybe find a way to work with a dramedy director--someone like James L. Brooks or Cameron Crowe.
  • Anne Hathaway should find a musical to do--I can't think of one off the top of my head that works for her, though wouldn't she have made a fine Sarah Brown in Guys and Dolls? She also needs to be careful to not stick either with purely commercial or purely non-commercial stuff. (Amy Adams has a similar problem--she needs to be careful to find roles that aren't bubbly/happy all the time, which is part of why Doubt was a good move for her.)
  • Mickey Rourke should go ahead and take the paycheck role in Iron Man II. Even if they're offering him less than he wants, it's a good way to keep on that roll and in the spotlight.
  • John Patrick Shanley should stick to writing and not direct.

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