Saturday, February 28, 2009

NOT QUITE A TABULA RASA: I thought this week's Dollhouse marked a considerable improvement for two reasons:

1. The persona assigned to Echo this week allowed Dushku to play to her strengths--the tough, but vulnerable, girl, rather than attempting to make her into the clipped hostage negotiator of the pilot or Rambogirl as in the second episode. (And the surprise that she can apparently actually sing was a nice one.)
2. The story this week was less driven by Echo than the Dollhouse's client, which had some nice parallelism to Echo's own issues without being anvilicious.

It's still far from perfect, and the lack of witty banter remains a problem (particularly since this week's episode was written by Jed Whedon and his fiancee Maurissa Tancharoen, who co-wrote Dr. Horrible--I was expecting more), but it's definitely a solid diversion on a Friday or Saturday night. And next week, with a memwiped Echo locked in a vault in the middle of a job, could be very interesting indeed.

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