Friday, March 20, 2009

FOR THE SECOND TIME IN AS MANY DAYS I WILL USE THIS AS A POST TITLE: MEET THE NEW BOSS/NOT IN ANY WAY THE SAME AS THE OLD BOSS: Some episodes of The Office are more satisfying than funny, and last night's was one. I agree with pretty much everything Sepinwall said and won't try to rewrite it and pass it off as mine. The only thing I wanted to add, and let's see if I can do this without spoilers, is that while the uncomfortable Jim stuff was funny in its own right and seemed like an ordinary Office B-plot, I'm guessing that in light of the final scene it also was necessary to set up the arc of the next few episodes.

And over at 30 Rock, a question raised by Spacewoman's principal complaint about the episode ("why does everybody think he's so hot?"): Is Jon Hamm really All That if you haven't watched Mad Men? Because if it's Don Draper who's sexy, and not Jon Hamm, or if you didn't grow up with pre-puffy Alec Baldwin, then this could have been a very confusing episode.

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