Thursday, March 19, 2009

MEET THE NEW BOSS/NOT IN ANY WAY THE SAME AS THE OLD BOSS: Sorry this Lost post is so late. I meant to do it three years ago.

Last night's was a very well-done episode. There were few big reveals, all minor in the grand scheme of things, but the show did a great job texturing the scenes we knew were coming. As far as transitional episodes go -- and this one did a lot of moving the pieces into place on the chess board -- it was excellent.

My favorite part, of course, was LaFleur going meta and delivering the audience's verdict on Jack's leadership. I never was a Sawyer fan (he always seemed like the stock TV renegade to me, a half-step removed from Lorenzo Lamas), but the Churchill-emulating LaFleur, with a long-con man's respect for the setup, is dramatically more interesting than either the old Sawyer or the eternal Jack. Because I like where LaFleur is now, personally and professionally, I'll be sorry to see the romantic tension over the next few weeks and the inevitable escalating pissing match with Jack over the next season and a half, but the last few episodes have been nice for both the character and the actor.

And I love that whenever somebody is running around in a state of utter confusion, no matter which decade, Jin pops up. Dharma should just start laying rakes around the jungle with pictures of Jin's surprised face stuck to the handle, so if you step in the wrong place -- wham -- Jin! Right in the kisser!

But: Paging Desmond to the island, please.

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