Wednesday, April 8, 2009

#11: PILLARS OF SMOKE. UM, HELLO? I don't know if Beliefnet's Esther Kustanowitz is deliberately trying to disprove the notion that Jews are inherently funny, but between her absurd take on the Top 10 Jewish Movie Characters and this week's "10 Ways Passover is like Lost," she's doing a good job. If you're going to do such a list, what about noting that the taking of the first-born (WAAAAALT! Aaron!) seems to be a major plot device in both works, or Sawyer & Kate's slave labor in building the runway on the Hydra island, or all the questions that are raised at the beginning of both that may never be answered.

Or, as Isaac noted in the Boardroom, "If you're not in the target audience, it makes no f'ing sense and you just wish people would stop trying to explain it to you."

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