Wednesday, June 3, 2009

THE LACK OF DIVERSITY IN CELEBRITY GOSSIP: A little pop culture test for you folks--there are five major gossip rags--US, OK!, Star, Life & Style, and In Touch. Without peeking at Jezebel's helpful roundup, can you tell me:
  • What is featured on all five of the covers in some capacity (3 as the main story, 2 as the sidebar story)? Answer--Jon and Kate.
  • What picture is used on four of the five covers? (3 use the EXACT SAME picture, and the fourth uses another picture from the same shoot.) Answer--Kate Gosselin in bikini.
  • What scores 4/5 covers, including 2 main stories? (Surprisingly, In Touch opts for Kim Kardashian in a bikini and Patrick Dempsey over this, perhaps because it targets an older audience.) Answer--Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart/Twilight
  • What couple and/or love triangle related to a couple hits 4/5 covers, all as a sidebar story (US opts for LeeAnn Rimes). Answer--Brangelina + Jennifer Aniston.
  • When will each of these things go away and stop being the focus of so much media attention? Answer--Not nearly soon enough.

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