Monday, June 1, 2009

SAY HI TO MY MOTHER FOR ME: I pass along this request from the frequent reader and infrequent commenter also known as my mother:
Last year when preparing for a vacation that included Paris and Barcelona you folks gave fabulous advice on location themed reading for the trip. I'd love to have input for this year's journey involving Baltic capitals - Copenhagen, Oslo, Wahrmund (Bullet train to Berlin), St. Petersburg and Tallin. Also planned are side trips to Canterbury and Normandy.

I've purchased Kristen Lavransdatter which I figure I should read as Nobel laureate fiction. The trilogy is mighty thick, but there is a long flight and some downtime during the journey.
I've got nothing really, but I'm quite confident you folks will. In addition, we're open to our occasional discussion of "what are you reading lately?" I just finished Kevin Roose's The Unlikely Disciple--his account of taking a "semester abroad" from Brown not overseas, but to Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, which I found quite interesting--and am now plowing through the new Harlan Coben, which seems to have recaptured a fair amount of the humor that marked his early books, which has been missing in more recent ones.

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