Friday, September 25, 2009

TIVOVERDOSE: Apparently, we here at this blog watched so much TV last night that we didn't have time to blog about it. I've apparently given up on Survivor, and just in time. A two-hour NBC comedy block (of which I appreciated the Dwight-Darryl scenes, the Abid-Troy friendship, and the blurry loopiness of P&R, which is new to me), a two-hour Grey's that is only half-watched so far (re the nice touch of showing the extras and minor characters, not just the main characters, grieving for George, I'm both hyper-aware of when my buttons are being pushed but also, sadly, kind of a sucker for getting my buttons pushed; and I think Eric Danes is excellent in comic relief), and the Flash Forward that's waiting on the DVR (about which I think TPE will have something to say later) is a lot of TV.

I write, though, just to enjoy the fact that Grey's, the kind of hour-long drama that NBC wants to die, more than tripled Leno's viewers. I imagine that the key demos were even better. I realize Leno's cost structure may still make him more profitable, but I'm glad that there seem to be fewer people footing that bill.

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