Thursday, February 25, 2010

FAKEY MCGEE: Jebus that was a fun hour of Survivor -- twenty five minutes of exposition and parallel destabilization efforts before we got to our only challenge, a rather awesome and violent reward/immunity challenge -- and no one trusts anyone, at least as far as the editors are showing us. Everyone's working multiple angles, and the only truth is how you vote. I am completely invested in this season.


  1. Carmichael Harold9:31 PM

    I completely agree, Adam.  It was really funny, had a great challenge, excellent use of Parvati (and reactions to Parvati), superb cuts (JT talking about becoming a liar. Cut to hermit crab emerging from shell), and an elimination of the one person I just could not stand.

    I don't know how this happened, but I kind of love me some Coach this time around (first time as delusional tragedy, second time as farce). His MLK speech was just seven kinds of awesome ("not while I still have one brain cell in my brain")

  2. I tried to avoid spoiler turf above, but here I can talk about just how awesome it is to have Coach and Russell and Parvati in the same tribe ... with Boston Rob as the mature voice of reason.   Coach is one crazy mofo.

    And I loved JT's shit-stirring, even without having seen his season.

  3. Jennifer J.10:13 PM

    I loved that challenge! Utter triumph for the heroes and utter humiliation for the villians. Great to see. Personally, i would have voted out Parvati. I can't say I like J.T.; I just know nothing about him. Coach flipping off, Probst handled that much better than I would have! Though I'm the biggest Colby fan(atic), man, do I love Boston Rob. Maybe it's just me, but I think Russell's hiding/getting rid of crap "strategy" is nothing against what we saw Richard do psychologically in the first season. He doesn't compare. Also, Boston Rob is far and away better than Russell any day of the week. @Carmichael Harold: Coach as delusional tragedy. I didn't see his season, but even if farce is correct, i still think delusional applies! ;)p

  4. Carmichael Harold10:23 PM

    Agreed, I should have used delusional in both spots.  In his original season, it seemed as if the other players and even the editors and Probst took him seriously for awhile.  This time, it's mocking all the time, like the image of his face superimposed on top of the sun like a classical depiction of Jesus while he was chanting while doing tai chi.  

  5. Also, how awesome was Rob Mariano's "just watch who they sleep with" analysis?

  6. Adam C.10:00 AM

    Awesome, but not as awesome as Coach's invocation of MLK, as Carmichael Harold notes above.  Also, in light of that sharp analysis, I was straining to discern, but couldn't tell through the night vision, who Rob was sleeping next to later on in the show -- was that Danielle, or Parvati?

  7. Jennifer J.2:07 PM

    It definitely was not Parvati. She had dark hair, so I'm guessing Danielle.

  8. bella wilfer4:44 PM

    Rob Mariano proves week after week why he rocks at this game.  The "watch who they sleep with" was genius - something that never crossed my mind despite watching 20 (yikes) seasons of this show, but totally right on.

    The first boot on each tribe has really just been "person we like least."  Interesting that despite so many strategic minds on each tribe, they all go with "who's super annoying?" before "who might vote ME off down the road?"

  9. Jennifer J.3:51 AM

    We call her "ruffle butt" in our house b/c of her ridiculous bikini bottom.