Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SUPER SOLDIER SERUM:So, apparently, there's a short list for folks to play Captain America. Some make a lot of sense--Scott Porter (aka Jason Street), Mike Vogel (from "Cloverfield"). Others are more bizarre--John Krasinski (too goofy?), Chace Crawford (too pretty boy). Any thoughts from the peanut gallery on the subject?


  1. Joseph J. Finn6:10 PM

    I've been on team Captain Awesome from the beginning, Ryan McPartlin.

  2. bella wilfer6:23 PM

    Scott Porter is oddly proportioned when not in a wheelchair - see: Dear John.  His torso is way taller than his legs and it's strange.  Otherwise, I'd be in his camp. 

    Krasinski is the weirdest idea I've ever heard for this!

  3. calliekl8:49 PM

    I know I'm going to get totally skewered for this (believe me, I can hardly believe I'm typing it), but what about Kellan Lutz? I know, I should be ashamed at mentioning anyone from Twilight...

  4. Eric J.10:30 PM

    Casting Matt Keeslar would be sheer elegance in it's simplicity.

    Ryan McPartlin is a pretty good second place.

  5. Andrew11:19 PM

    Krasinski? huh? Jason Street would be a good choice, as would Captain Awesome. 

  6. Goghaway10:28 AM

    I was pleasantly surprised to see Michael Cassidy on there- I liked him a lot on Priveleged and the O.C., and think he'd be a better fit than Krasinski. But Captain Awesome would be just, well....awesome.

  7. Have also heard Jenson Ackles from Supernatural has "taken a meeting."

  8. isaac_spaceman2:07 PM

    John Cho.

  9. Maybe he's a little old, but I'll back John Hamm.