Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SHATTERED GLASSBLOWER: So Siobhan went home, with both The Outlaw Casey James and Big Mike joining her in the bottom three. First off, pimp slot thwarted!

Obvs, I can't read America's read on country music. Moreover, this should scare anyone who's been ready for a month to see Aaron go home, or who believes that TOCJ's and Big Mike's one-tricks are more interesting than that of Lee DeWyze. America disagrees with you.

Was Siobhan going to win this? No. Her talents proved too inconsistent; her shriek too alienating. But I am upset to see her go home before Aaron, and before she got to tackle The Songs of Francis Albert Sinatra next week. I still don't get why he's still here, and the prospect of a Crystal-Aaron-Lee final three remains tenable and disturbing. And Crystal may not win.

added: Oof. We might have had some phone number issues this week, though I'm doubting there will be a remedy.


  1. If Aaron wins I may have to boycott next season.

  2. Why didn't Shania perform since she was this week's mentor? Not that I wanted to actually hear her perform, but it just seemed odd that she didn't perform. Also, did I miss it or did Ryan fail to mention that Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum tried out for Idol a few times but was rejected each time? With all the time they waste on fluff - especially during these results shows - you'd think someone could have found footage from at least one of her auditions.

    Very happy to see Siobhan head home tonight. I hope Aaron goes next week, but maybe being the only teen left in the competition is working for him. Big Mike should hit the road after Aaron, leaving Crystal, Lee, and Casey as the final three. 

    If the finale does not include TOCJ or Lee I doubt I'll even bother watching.

  3. Paul Tabachneck1:14 AM

    As the most ardent Siobhan supporter around, I'll say that I'm completely OK with her going home.  Her voice showed the same weaknesses week to week that I thought she'd beat out with the staff vocal coach, and she just didn't.  Too much yelling.  And the way she would deliver at the end of each song would just serve to tell me that she could have done more during the number. 

    Siobhan:  You are awesome, and have beauty, talent, and weirdness on your side.  Please learn more and come back better.

  4. Siobhan was my favorite as well, though I concede Crystal has been the far better overall performer. I feared she'd be in the bottom three this week, though I didn't expect her to go home. She got such widespread praise after such a poor performance (I thought it was her worst of the season other than Through the Fire). I thought the performance might cause her to lose fans and the praise might cause her remaining fans to get complacent.

    I think Aaron benefited from the fact it was country week and that he dedicated the song to his mom. And while I don't usually agree about fans of discarded contestants handing their votes to someone else, I wonder if he and Tim had the same tween girl fan base.

  5. Fred App10:56 AM

    I'm OK with Siobhan going home because she's never had a performance that made me wanting to see more. Big Mike, Lee and Casey all have had at least one memoriable performance, and Crystal has had many (her problem this week was song choice).

    I don't see any problem with being a one-trick pony, if you do that trick extremely well. There are plenty of very good performers who have fashioned very good careers without straying far from their wheelhouse.

    But Aaron? He's a no-trick pony. I don't think he'll win, but he may hang around long enough to keep a more deserving performer out of the top four or five.

  6. Aaron and Siobhan were the two contestants that I've been identifying as ones that I would like to see go home.  I would have preferred for Aaron to go sooner, but honestly, I think that they'd shown us all that we were going to see from them at this stage in their development.  I think that Paul T.'s hope is a good one---if she goes off, and learns more about herself and how to select songs and then perform them to serve the song, she'll come back much better.  Song selection was often a problem for her.  If you are Inspirational Ballad Boy, selecting When You Believe by Marian and Whitney makes sense (even if it makes me want to gag).  When you are Quirky Girl, it does not.  On arrangement and performance:  the scream fit in Think (of course).  The scream also fit in Paint It Black (as an artistic choice---I seem to recall it not being entirely on note).  Often, though, it seemed like she was literally thinking "I have selected a song, and now must muscle in a scream somewhere." 

  7. gretchen11:48 AM

    Is there any doubt that Crystal is the best contestant on the show right now?  I watched Shania Twain night and thought that Crystal was the only serious contender for the Next American Idol.  I think Lee is interesting in a way that the others are not, but Crystal is just so much better than anyone else on that stage.  The thought that Aaron Kelly might win (and eww, on doing that song for his MOM) makes me, like Jenn, threaten a boycott.  

  8. Jim Bell1:38 PM

    I definitely think Siobhan is a full cut above Aaron, Lee and Casey.  IMHO the final three should have been Chrystal, Mike and Siobhan.   I was surprised and saddened to see her go.  That said, last night's performance of the queen of soul's song was not nearly as good as the one she did for the Judges earlier in the season.  Wanda Sykes said it well.

  9. isaac_spaceman1:39 PM

    Yeah, I got back from Italy, started working down the DVR backlog, and found myself deleting the last two weeks of this show (including this week's performance and results).  I respect Crystal but she's not my cup of tea, and since I'm neither a pedophile nor a prepubescent girl, I find Aaron boring, like all the rest of the contestants.  Siobhan, by the way, seemed too vocal-coached, not not vocal-coached enough.  I don't mean the sound of her voice as much as the way she carried herself.  Quirky seemed like an applique, not any essential part of her. 

  10. Ritab8:20 PM

    From the facebook page with the number wasn't an official page, a fan page made the mistake--I confident that the show doesn't owe a remedy.  I also don't think this brings her elimination into the grassy knoll--it's being overblown--heh:

    "Please excuse the number mix-up. I forgot to post Siobhan's numbers, then scrambled to post 9:43 PACIFIC TIME. East Coast and Central time zone voting was OVER by that time, and it was well after the show ended on the Pacific Coast, with Fans already voting for 45 minutes. Idol Counter showed no drop in call volume after it posted. Tweets went out immediately with the correct numbers. I am sorry."

  11. Besides, when you call in for a contestant, you get a message that mentions the name of the contestant.  And when you text, you get a text with the name of the contestant.  If the name came back Aaron and not Siobhan, well, shouldn't that tell you that there's a problem?

  12. Do they say the contestant's name? I think they just say "Thanks for calling for contestant 1" or whatever the contestant's number is.

  13. Genevieve2:34 PM

    Yes, that's what they say.  So you wouldn't know that way -- but given the time Ritab says the fanpage posted the wrong number, I'd say not a big deal.  Plus one would assume most voting fans would actually watch the show, and therefore would see the correct number.