Sunday, June 6, 2010

A HAPPY PHOTO FINISH: If Matt's going to conjure up images of Jonah Hill being fully naked, then I suppose we've transitioned sufficiently from the Bee to discuss the American Dad scene involving a male horse's needs which has prompted a tentative $25,000 (that's it?) FCC fine.

I think the April 1995 S1 episode of Friends with the barely hidden oral sex joke was the last time I was honestly shocked by a boundary-pushing on a network tv show. and having a show like HIMYM air at 8pm pretty much kills the notion that the "adult" stuff only comes later in the evening. It really is Anything Goes time, and these fines are a joke compared with the Howard Stern days ...


  1. Reading the underlying link, the fine appears to be for a refusing to comply with a ridiculously burdensome discovery request rather than for any actual content; the FCC hasn't ruled on the complaints themselves.  This is why I don't read the HuffPo for news: their bloggers don't understand what they're talking about a majority of the time.

  2. Benner2:17 PM

    Like this?

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    Was it here that this link was shared? (

    If not, some great examples there.

    If it was, then, well, never mind.