Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WALKER, INFECTIOUS DISEASES DIAGNOSTICIAN: No, Philadelphia did not get the array of guests for the Team CoCo tour like what Matt saw in Radio City. That said, when visiting Upper Darby, PA, there's one woman you'd sure like to have around:


  1. Andrew10:29 PM

    Does that ultimate Walker clip ever cease to be hilarious?

  2. I had no idea Tina Fey is from Upper Darby. When Conan announced that my friend and I thought maybe he was kidding about it but Google said he was telling the truth. 

    Great show last night, even without all the guests.  I'll be glad when Conan, Andy, and the band are back on TV.  

  3. Dan Pohlig7:53 AM

    I wonder if this clip violates Conan's Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television (which includes radio and internet as he explained at the show)?  Fantastic show with a great surprise (to me, at least) appearance by Phish frontman Trey Anastasio.  I was fortunate enough to be able to meet Conan after the show and he was a gracious, nice, funny host without an ounce of pretension despite probably being exhausted after a long show that included a LOT of jumping around and possibly a little too much purple leather suit wearing.  He signed autographs with funny messages on all of them and had his picture taken with everyone in the group.

    Though I gotta say... all his self-deprecating references to tall, pasty, fair skinned, long, spindly legged white guys with no ass hit a little close to home for me.

  4. Conan didn't put it up on the Internet or derive revenue from it, nor did he take (it appears to be a shaky cell phone camera video), so I suspect he's in the clear. 

    I'm not entirely clear on how he secured rights to the "Walker" clips--maybe got some sort of carve-out?

  5. I would have preferred Tina Fey over Eli Manning.  The night Matt and I were there was the night after Jon Stewart and Colbert.