Friday, January 28, 2011

THE FUTURE ONLY BELONGS TO THE FUTURE ITSELF:  Yes, tomorrow night's new SyFy film features Debbie Gibson v. Tiffany (c'mon: Gibson way more talented), but more importantly it's Mega Python v. Gatoroid -- yes, the alligators are on steroids. Also featuring Mickey Dolenz as himself, and Mrs. Landingham as the park ranger.


  1. Meghan8:20 AM

    I loved me some Debbie Gibson and scorned Tiffany's affiliation with the lame-o NKOTB. Then she released All This Time. It was much better than Electric Youth. My world was chaos. I've since recovered and enjoy that Tiffany song and stuff off Out of the Blue but nothing will make me watch this. Not even camp value.

  2. Don't most of the movies have both a SyFy version and a subsequent DVD release, with the subsequent DVD release being "unrrated" and containing marginally more gore and at least one gratuitous nude scene?

  3. Adam C.2:03 PM

    Syfy leaves plenty of (mostly CG) gore in for the nighttime airings, but I can't say I've watched any 9am showings to compare. I'm sure that at least the Corman-produced entries probably do shoot a couple takes worth of nude scenes for the video release.

  4. Joseph Finn4:55 PM

    Radio Q on the CBC had a very fun interview with one of the guys from The Asylum, the company that makes these movies. (It's about 50 minutes into the 1/26/11 episode, but the interview with the writer of The King's Speech is also very worth your time.)

  5. Adam C.7:52 PM

    By the way, this was not good, nor so bad it was good.  Rather, it was so bad that I fell asleep during two separate attempts to watch it.  The ball is firmly back in the court of the House of Corman for the next great Syfy movie sequel/team-up.

    On a brighter note, TCM showed Night of the Lepus over the weekend (back to back with Grizzly, of course), so I got to show the kids the giant rampaging bunnies, which prompted a great discussion cataloguing all of the giant animals represented in horror movies.