Monday, January 24, 2011

I'D BE GGG FOR THIS: MTV has ordered a pilot from Dan Savage where he'd travel to colleges and give sex advice to students.

While we're on the topic of that network, should I be watching Skins?


  1. My "pretty young people having sex" space is amply filled with Gossip Girl, so am not bothering with Skins (and c'mon!  Patti Blagojevich and James Franco jokes in the course of an hour!).  Add to it that Mondays at 10 is already overloaded (Harry's Law, Castle, and Five-0), and no thanks.

  2. Stevie10:51 PM

    I liked the original Skins, and apparently this is pretty much shot-for-shot with a lesser cast, so I'm skipping. If you're curious, the UK version is on Netflix and DVD.

  3. Jenn C11:10 PM

    2nd this. The UK original is better--the writers were teens. MTV did change a few details and characters but otherwise is a shot for shot remake.

  4. Dan Suitor11:45 PM

    This worked pretty well with Loveline, as evidenced by Adam Carolla and Dr. Drews' continuing careers.

  5. Heather K10:32 AM

    Well and they made the gay boy a lesbian girl so when the straight identifying boy has a fling with the gay character the implications are WILDLY different.

  6. Heather K10:34 AM

    I will watch this Dan Savage show.  I also watched Loveline religiously in my late teen/early twenties.

  7. KCosmo's neighbor2:00 PM

    As a parent, and as a person who remembers when MUSIC VIDEOS were on MTV, I HATE, HATE, HATE that network. That being said, did anyone ever see The World of Jenks? It's amazing. I think it landed on MTV by mistake! The only way I came to know about it was the abundance of ads for it during the MTV Movie Awards (which is the one show for which I hang my hate up for the day).

  8. Travis6:12 PM

    I find Dan Savage's column both hilarious and good for dishing out level-headed advice on some pretty "out there" topics. I hope this series brings more attention to his "it gets better" project.

    (side note: He is pictured on the wikipedia page for "t shirt". Go figure)