Friday, December 30, 2011

PALEOFITNESS, HOWEVER, WAS NOT: Last year, they correctly predicted the rise of hactivism, Robyn, Rooney Mara, and silent films, though they may have erred on the Jayson Werth thing. For 2012, the Washington Post's Hot or Not gurus predict big things for Michael Fassbender (duh), Kate Middleton's uterus (their words, not mine), District 12, Jessica Chastain, and Belgian malinois dogs; while suggesting that the era of hoarding, Ryan Gosling, Etsy, quinoa, Portland, and Adele is over.

More interesting, perhaps?  Their Hot/Not archive going back to 1978 is online, and predictions like 1985's "Out: Culture Club; In: Frankie Goes To Hollywood" and 1996's "Out: Drew Barrymore; In: Alicia Silverstone" ... well, it's a lot like that.


  1. Benner12:01 PM

    in the year of my birth, punk was out and preppy in.  works for me.

  2. littleredyarn2:31 PM

    Am I the only one who misreads Jessica Chastain's name as Brandi Chastain?

  3. Jessica Chastain does a whole lot less ripping off of her shirt.

  4. littleredyarn7:52 PM

    True, but Brandi's abs are still amazing and inspiring.

  5. I'm really enjoying Robyn (again).

    Seriously, I hate the word quinoa.

  6. Joseph Finn1:20 PM

    Not if you see a movie called Joline, Matt.