Tuesday, December 27, 2011

WATTS HAPPENING:  Congratulations to Amy Watts, whose Classic City Psycho Kitties rose from a 7-6 record and the #6 seed to defeat Ross, Dan Fienberg, and 2009 champion Alex Gordon en route to the third annual ALOTT5MA FFL Championship.

Amy largely won with the team she drafted in our $200 auction -- Rodgers ($41), Welker ($15!), Colston ($18), Fitzgerald ($43), and Finley ($14), with serviceable RBs (including free agent Darren Sproles) filling in the rest.  Congratulations, Amy!


  1. Marsha9:26 AM

    Woohoo! That was all Greek to me, but I understand the "Watts won" part. Go Amy!

  2. Renee9:29 AM

    New goal in life: to have a post title with my name in it.  Congrats Amy!

  3. Alex Gordon12:22 PM

    Congrats to Amy. Frankly, I was happy to just be there and to that I can thank Matt Stafford who filled in admirably for Peyton Manning. Can't wait for next season.

  4. StvMg1:50 PM

    Congrats to Amy. Her title should permanently put to rest the notion that you need to have two elite running backs to contend for a fantasy football title. I've put myself out of contention far too often in my fantasy football leagues by clinging to that increasingly antiquated belief.

  5. I'm with Marsha -- the details on this aren't really in my wheelhouse, but I get that Amy won. Congrats, Amy!

    Also: love the headline!

  6. Each year is different; this year had so many injuries to top-level RBs during the season, and esp. in a three-WR league like ours you can do without.  Especially when you had 5 QBs putting up historic numbers, FFL-wise.  (Even if he had never thrown a pass, Cam Newton would be a top 15 RB.)

  7. Amy, I told you that I'd act excited if you won, so:  YAY!!!

  8. Dan Suitor5:13 PM


    But, really, congrats Amy. I hope it bodes well for our real life team in the real life playoffs.

  9. Joseph Finn8:43 PM

    High five, Amy!  Reign wisely!

  10. J. Bowman10:24 PM

    I missed my auction draft (there was a hurricane), and wound up with Cedric Benson as my only starting RB. Fortunately, I got Bowe, Nicks, Wallace, Wayne, and Welker at WR. I managed to ride those points (and a couple of decent trades) to the championship before running into the guy who drafted Foster, Gore, and Turner. The big-RB strategy isn't quite dead yet, it turns out.

  11. Next year's going to be interesting drafting.  By my count, what, only two RBs (McCoy/Foster) go before a massive first-round QB run on the top four?  Megatron as the only possible first-round WR?

  12. I've been away from the computer all day and just saw this post: Thanks for the congratulations!

    I was looking at the other games in the playoff brackets and I got really, really lucky with starters that stayed healthy for the most part.  

    Also, StvMg, I was talking to my dad about this season and was expressing my surprise that I did as well as I did with RBs that occasionally had a mediocre-good game but often stank up the joint.  Praise be to Wes Welker, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jermichael Finley.  

  13. Daniel Fienberg2:40 AM

    Congrats, Amy!

    I really thought my team was locked in over those last few weeks of the regular season. I was incorrect.

    But still... Third place! Woo?