Friday, January 13, 2012

IT'S ALL IN THE GAME, YO (ANSWER KEY): Answers for the least-played game of all time, Wire Character or Real Person or Non-Wire Fictitious Character or Product or Thing after the jump. Newbies: to prevent spoilers, I will identify Wire characters by affiliation (e.g., "Barksdale Organization" or "Felix Arellano Cartel") but will not say anything about their role or characterization.

  1. Sherman McCoy: Fictive! Bond trader, Bonfire of the Vanities.

  2. Shamrock McGinty: Wire! Barksdale organization.

  3. Pepper Schwartz: Real! Famous sex researcher.

  4. D'Brickashaw Ferguson: Real! Football player, New York Jets.

  5. Fat Face Rick: Wire! Co-op.

  6. Disco Duck: Fictive! Novelty song title-character.

  7. Proposition Joe: Wire! East Side.

  8. Stinky Pete: Fictive! Toy Story 2. This is who I think of every time Spacewoman calls Prop Joe "Prospector Joe."

  9. Ant-Man: Fictive! Hilariously underpowered and insecure Marvel superhero.

  10. Cockroach: Fictive! Theo Huxtable best friend, The Cosby Show. Also: Thing! Insect.

  11. Spider: Wire! Stanfield organization. Also: Thing! Arachnid.

  12. Frog: Wire! Docks-area crime. Also: Thing! Amphibian.

  13. Bug: Wire! Child. Also: Thing! Bug.

  14. Donut: Wire! Child. Also: Thing! Delicious.

  15. Cheese: Wire! East Side. Also: Thing! Delicious.

  16. Churro: Thing! Delicious.

  17. Big Tuna: Fictive! Jim Halpert, The Office.

  18. Fruit: Wire! Stanfield organization. Also: Thing! Delicious.

  19. Sunny D: Product! Sugared beverage. Would also accept: Fictive! Nobody calls it that.

  20. Puddin': Wire! Barksdale. Also: Thing! Delicious.

  21. Boner: Fictive! Mike Seaver's best friend, Growing Pains. Also: Thing! Erection.

  22. Squeak: Wire! Barksdale organization ladies' auxiliary.

  23. Mike Boogie: Real! Club impresario/Big Brother contestant.

  24. Snot Boogie: Wire! Neighborhood person. Also: Real! According to the book Homicide.

  25. Boogie Shoes Whitaker: Fictive! Showrunner, Sports Night (the show-within-a-show, not the show).

  26. Billy White Shoes Johnson: Real! Oilers/Falcons football player, Funky Chicken infection vector.

  27. Mr. Schue: Fictive! Rapper.

  28. Wee Man: Real! Jackass skateboarder/stunt person.

  29. Little Man: Wire! Barksdale organization.

  30. Little Kevin: Wire! Stanfield organization.

  31. Li'l Abner: Fictive! Comic-strip hillbilly; 1930s-and '40s-style "confirmed bachelor."

  32. Big Roy: Wire! Docks.

  33. Big Boi: Real! OutKast.

  34. Big Country: Real! Large basketball player. Also: Real! Unintelligible band.

  35. Hungry Man: Real! Co-op. Also: Product! Prepared meal.

  36. Nikos Kazantzakis: Real! Author, poet.

  37. Toula Portakalos: Fictive! Bride, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

  38. White Mike: Wire! East Side.

  39. Black Francis: Real! Pixies.

  40. Johnny Quest: Fictive! Johnny Quest.

  41. Johnny Fifty: Wire! Docks.

  42. Johnny Weeks: Wire! West Side.

  43. Johnny Ola: Fictive! Godfather 2. Would also accept: Sopranos.

  44. Johnny Sack: Fictive! Sopranos.

  45. Lassie: Fictive! Dog.

  46. Ziggy: Wire! Docks. Also: Fictive! Comic strip philosopher.

  47. Woodstock: Fictive! Peanuts.

  48. Horse-Face: Wire! Docks.

  49. Two-Face: Fictive! Batman.

  50. Old-Face Andre: Wire! Stanfield organization.


  1. christy in nyc4:59 PM

    <span>Mr. Schue: Fictive! Rapper.</span>

    OK that made me laugh.

    But I do call Sunny D Sunny D. It took me a minute to remember what the D even stood for. Not that I drink Sunny D. The only real reason to use it in conversation is as an excuse to also say "purple stuff."

  2. Jordan5:16 PM

    In Johnny Fifty's defense, they rounded.

  3. Eric J.7:30 PM

    Spider also Fictive! Goodfellas

  4. Big Joe8:29 PM

    17. Big Tuna: Fictive! Jim Halpert, The Office.
    What am I supposed to call Bill Parcells now?

  5. ok, "Barksdale organization ladies' auxiliary." made me laugh.  I could immediatly imagine the "tea" they would hold!