Friday, June 8, 2012

PENNIES AND DIMES FOR A KISS, 30 BUCKS FOR A TOTE BAG: It's a Jepsen-Off--who wins--Jimmy Fallon and the Legendary Roots Crew or the staff of National Public Radio?


  1. Maret3:21 PM

    Fallon. The kazoo solo at the end clinches it.  I want to hang out with him & the Roots and sing songs. They just seem so damn fun & happy all the time. 

  2. Becca8:16 PM

    Yeah, Fallon and the Roots, hands down. The NPR hosts might have done a little better if they hadn't dissed the song at the end. Yeah, we know. You work at NPR. The Roots do seemed determined to have fun with whatever they do. 

  3. Here, take your pick of all the choices:

  4. Jordan11:00 AM

    Not even close.  Maybe if they had expanded the public radio net and added Peter Sagal, Carl Kasell, Ira Glass and Garrison Keillor.  Maybe then it would be a competition.  But it would still probably go to the roots.

  5. littleredyarn4:06 PM

    When was the last time anyone got a tote bag for a $30 donation?

  6. isaac_spaceman1:23 PM

    Somebody on Twitter said that this was just the latest in Jimmy Fallon's effort to make everybody in the world seem cool and likeable, and that's about right.  I have no idea if he loves his job more than anybody else in the world, but he does a damn great impression of a guy who does.