Saturday, July 21, 2012

WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW: A taxonomy of occupations for main characters, through the eyes of writers:
  • Writer: a main character; also a reader surrogate; also occasionally heroic
  • Magazine writer:  a quirky single writer
  • Newspaper writer: a disheveled writer
  • TV writer: a backstabbing, status-obsessed writer
  • Editor: the profession held by a character whose author's last book was about a writer
  • Professor: a kind of writer who has to spend 50 minutes with aspiring writers three times a week
  • Blogger: a writer who is 22
  • Teen: a person who keeps a journal
  • Lawyer: a failed writer who failed at writing before 2007
  • Bartender: a failed writer who failed at writing in or after 2007
  • Policeman: an investigative journalist who did not go to college
  • Musician: an inarticulate writer who is less responsible than other writers
  • Architect: a writer who writes pictures to tell stories that people live in


  1. gretchen3:09 PM

    Chef: a writer who writes recipes
    Baker: a writer who uses frosting instead of a pen
    Publicist: a writer who writes for the Man

  2. Eric J.4:38 PM

    Computer Hacker: A writer in a ratty t-shirt who types twice as fast as any writer you've ever seen.

  3. I'm not sure what it says about me as a writer that I really had to stop and think to find a character that my husband and I have written who is a writer.  There is one.  But that means there are hundreds that aren't. 

  4. isaac_spaceman1:21 PM

    There are plenty out there.  I shouldn't kvetch so much.  It is just that writer fatigue hit me all of a sudden when I realized that both of the main characters of Gone Girl are writers or wannabe writers, and one of them has two parents who are famous writers, and ugh.  The act of writing and the state of writerliness are endlessly fascinating to writers and their editors, but beyond that, I think the results are mixed.   

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