Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BRAUGHER HOUR!  Our friend Alan Sepinwall previews the fall tv season.  What's already set for your DVR?


  1. bristlesage10:57 AM

    We tried Revolution and I didn't hate it (I expected to, so this could be lowered expectations).  Esposito is wonderful.  I'll probably give it one more episode; my husband will probably give it more.  Last Resort is on our shared list.  And Nashville was on my list just because of Connie Britton, but I keep hearing it's good-if-soapy, so now I'm pretty excited for that.  We're watching Go On, too, because we don't mind watching Matthew Perry do his Matthew Perry thing.

    I think that's all the new stuff.

  2. I'll watch Goon


  3. New shows I'm trying:
    Go On
    Ben & Kate
    The Mindy Project
    Last Resort

    Then I have a ton of returning shows...too many to list. I'm most excited about season 2 of Homeland.

  4. I'm going with "Last Resort," "Vegas" and my trash-show-to-talk-about-with-my-sister-but-hey-this-might-actually-be-good pick is "Nashville" (worked with "Revenge" and "Gossip Girl," did not work with either of the CW "90210"/"Melrose" reboots). As far as comedies, maybe one of the new Fox ones, but with sitcoms I'm willing to just catch up if people are telling me good things after a few episodes.

    Related note: Watching a lot of college football this past weekend, ABC is promoting the hell out of "Last Resort." It's kind of a confusing concept, but give them credit for trying. If this fails, Shawn Ryan needs to work on very literal titles ("Beach Private Eyes." "Rogue Submarine.") #RIPTerriers

  5. bristlesage1:22 PM

    I keep forgetting about Vegas!  Yep, that's on the list, too, though partly just to talk it over with my relatives who were there during all that jazz. 

  6. Andrew1:39 PM

    Aside from Goon, I'm sampling the same 4 as Maret, and expect to drop at least one after the pilot. 

  7. I tried The New Normal and Go On for two episodes and I'm not sure I'll continue with either - although I surprised myself by liking Go On much more than I thought i would, and The New Normal a lot less. 

    I watched the first episode of Revolution and enjoyed it, but as with Lost, I think I like the more reality-based idea behind the plot more than the mythologies/mysteries parts, and the show doesn't look like it's going that way. (i.e.: with Lost, I like the basic idea of a random group of people on a desert island after a plane crash, and here I like the idea of what happens in a world without power. But neither show is really interested in that.)

    I'll also try:
    Last Resort
    Vegas, maybe (I keep thinking it sounds awful, then I see a commercial and think: what is that, it looks great!) 

  8. christy in nyc3:25 PM

    I swear, they're going to put "stressed about the amount of TV there is to watch" on my tombstone.

    I used to have a couple shows a night I liked. This fall, the Sunday premiums alone add up to four hours of unmissable TV.

    Lots of the new shows sound interesting, but the only one I'm for-sure on board for is The Mindy Project.

  9. Andrea4:04 PM

    I just finished the first series og Homeland, and I feel very out of touch.  I became very frustrated with the show and I am not sure I am up for season two.  It seemed to start very much in reality, and just spiraled out of control.  What am I missing?????

  10. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Last Resort
    The Mindy Project
    Ben & Kate (short leash though)
    Arrow (again, short leash)
    Beauty & The Beast for the pilot, because no trailer has made me laugh harder at just how bad it looks.

    http://www.youtube.com/v/Q3UvVWcD91Y&feature" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="170" height="140

  11. gretchen4:27 PM

    While we're talking about TV: we just gave up cable and I'm getting my TV through Netflix and Hulu Plus now.  Is there a good resource somewhere on the web that tells me where I can stream TV shows?  Right now I just search each app individually for shows I want to watch, but surely there must be a better way. 

    Alternatively, if anyone can tell me where to stream How I Met Your Mother, that would be useful all by itself. 

  12. Renee4:47 PM

    I believe it airs on cbs.com the next day.  Or maybe it is the next week...  I don't remember for sure, but I know I've watched it online when my cable has gone out.

  13. janet4:55 PM

    I also have given up cable and have found a resource for a lot of current (and otherwise unavailable online) shows. Anyone who is interested can email me at tv (the at sign) parkenet.org

  14. lisased4:57 PM

    "He's a DOCTOR!"


  15. littleredyarn5:01 PM

    With the Phils' season basically over and no NHL to look forward to, I guess we'd better find something, huh?

    Either that or I'll just knit more than I already do.

  16. Genevieve5:58 PM

    Pretty much the same as Maret, without the Last Resort - wasn't planning on Ben & Kate but read good reviews of it and will probably try it out.  Oh, and I set New Normal to record but don't know that I'll watch more than an episode or two.

    Excited for the return of Parks and Rec, Parenthood (missed the first episode already, have to look at On Demand), Doctor Who (definitely enjoyed the first few episodes), Up All Night, and 30 Rock.  

  17. Anonymous6:09 PM

    But the White Sox playoffs are coming up!

  18. Revolution--It's getting an episode or two more with the hope that it finds itself sooner rather than later, hopefully by making more of the adult characters and less of the whiny teenagers. I've never watched Supernatural, but I understand it shows Eric Kripke can do mythology, so we'll see. I've basically dropped Hawaii Five-0, largely because I didn't care about any character except Dano, so I've got room.

    Ben and Kate--Getting a few episodes off the positive critical buzz (which seems to have less to do with the pilot than with the very well-received TCA panel), but man, that's a tough slot, with Hart of Dixie and NCIS there. (NCIS repeats ad infinitum over the summer, so it probably loses out.)

    Mindy Project--Pilot (which I watched streaming) merely OK, but I have immense goodwill for Mindy, so yeah.

    Go On--The first couple of episodes suggest that there could be something there. Too bad it's up against New Girl and Happy Endings. A lot of talent there, but it needs to find itself. Best case scenario? They go REALLY weird and it turns into Community (and the cat plotline in episode 2 kind of did that).

    New Normal--You know, you can agree with what's being preached, and still have a valid criticism that something is incredibly preachy. Also, Ellen Barkin, I know Sue Sylvester. I've watched 3 seasons of Glee. You're no Sue Sylvester.

    Emily Owens--I like Mamie Gummer a lot. She's going to have a show one day that's going to be a big hit. This does not seem to be that show.

    Nashville--Mrs. Coach. Singing. Hayden Pane-whatever as Slutty Taylor Swift? SOLD!

    Last Resort--Great cast. Intriguing concept. I'll watch. I give it four weeks for two reasons. First, the timeslot is MURDEROUS, against Big Bang, 30 Rock, and X Factor. Second, despite ABC's heavy promo of it, it's completely out of place, not only as an 8 PM show, but also as a leadin to a very female-driven night on a very female-driven network. This might've been a hit 10 years ago as a leadin to Monday Night Football, but on today's ABC? Less so.

    Made In Jersey--Janet Montgomery is incredibly talented. It's a lawyer show that uses my office building as a recurring exterior. (Based on promos, the firm is located in the building.) Also, Donna Murphy.

  19. HIMYM is one of the very few CBS shows that streams. It's typically available the next day on CBS.com.

  20. Yes, but is he a MOB DOCTOR?

  21. Marsha12:33 AM

    I'll try Nashville and Mindy Project. Sadly, that's about all that looks good to me this fall.

    I tried Go On and New Normal - two eps each, neither did it for me long-term.

  22. Jenn C9:43 AM

    I am picking up a few return shows (like Revenge, which I caught up with over the summer).

    Revolution (watched the pilot on NBC, I'll give it 2 or 3 more weeks)
    Last Resort
    Mindy Project

    My return list is long:
    Hawaii 5-0
    Up all Night
    Parks and Rec

  23. Adam C.11:29 AM

    Already watching among new: Go On (thought last night's was a step up), Revolution (wife said "Are you watching that fake Hunger Games show?"). Caught The New Normal last night and agree with all that was said above. Not making it a regular in the lineup.

    New, cued up on TiVo: Mindy Project, Ben & Kate, Elementary, Last Resort. I'll try to find the Arrow pilot streaming or Hulu'd or some-such, but that's likely to be a sometimes food (although a sort of announcement by a recent guest on The Nerdist podcast was...intriguing). And I may try 666 Park Ave. out of residual O'Quinn goodwill.

    Returning: TAR, The Walking Dead, HIMYM (short, short leash), Castle, Survivor, Modern Family, 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, Office (home stretch), Community, Fringe. 

    Is there a new season of Top Chef? I may be getting bored with the franchise (lost interest in this season of TC: Masters very early on), but I'd at least check it out in the early going.

  24. bella wilfer1:43 PM

    Survivor. Tonight. Yes.

    Also will try Nashville, Last Resort.  Was meh on Revolution's first ep but will give it a few to see where it goes.  Feels too much of a mash-up of Lost and Hunger Games and nothing really new and interesting. But we'll see.

    New Normal just made me wish I could see Andrew Rannells in Book of Mormon again. 

  25. gretchen5:10 PM

    I can't figure out how to get cbs.com to stream to my TV through my Blu-Ray player.  This is one of those technology things where I feel like not only can I not figure out how to do it, I can't even figure out who to ask!

  26. Mr. Cosmo11:32 PM

    I haven't seen it yet, but if the Rannells-anchored TNN isn't hitting with this crowd, it's cancelled by the new year.

  27. The Rannels/Bartha stuff on New Normal is generally fine (if stereotype-laden and preachy). It's the Barkin stuff that's intolerable.