Thursday, September 20, 2012

WALKING AND TALKING:  Because it's ostensibly a nonpartisan election, I think I'm allowed to link to this web video which a number of former West Wing cast members did in support of Mary McCormack's sister's bid for the Michigan Supreme Court, and there's a hell of a nice little Martin Sheen callback joke at 2:50.


  1. that. was. awesome.

  2. Jim Bell1:57 PM

    It was in Sorkinese.  Do we know if he wrote it?

  3. Tosy and Cosh2:19 PM

    That's what I was thinking. If not, a fair bit of mimicry!

  4. Joseph Finn7:36 PM

    John Cockrell wrote it accoring to the Post.

  5. There a number of interesting campaign finance type questions:

    1. Did they have to get permission to use the characters? If so, from who? Does consent to the use of the characters by whoever had to consent constitute a contribution from that entity? (Not sure if John Wells Productions or NBCUniversalKabletown owns the rights.)
    2. I'm assuming the actors volunteered their time. Does this render them contributors? If so, how is their contribution valued for purposes of finance limits and compliance? Can they get around this rule by agreeing to provide their services for minimal value (say $1)?

  6. littleredyarn8:36 AM

    It seems Mary McCormack called Alison Janney and Bradley Whitford to give her little sister a hand. Here's the link to the article in yesterday's WaPo, via Twitter and Amy Argetsinger (@TheReliableSource on the Tweeter).

    And yes, this is awesome.

  7. The Pathetic Earthling10:07 AM

    At the risk of brushing against The Rule: I am always amazed by the existence of a "Vote Straight Party Ticket" option, something which does not exist in California.