Friday, September 21, 2012

LOOK 'EM IN THE EYE, AND SPEAK FROM THE HEART:  That was some lovely television last night, and a hell of an affecting three-parter from Mr. C.K. When even Jay Leno moves the story along in welcome ways, you know you're watching some fine tv occupying that odd dramedy space which the show does. [Bonus: Louis C.K., on Letterman, 1995.]


  1. Paul Tabachneck11:18 AM

    I'll say now that despite how I felt a few years ago when we had our who-should-be-the-new-Office-boss discussion, I am loving Up All Night on all levels, including Will Arnett.  I'm hoping my girlfriend will find herself with a spare pocket of time so I can bootcamp her on this show.

  2. I just watched it.  Beautiful.  For my money, easily the best Louie since "Duckling," and a great return to form.  (I haven't loved this season, aside from "Miami.")