Sunday, March 17, 2013

BROGURT?  Taste tests of the day: some of the folks behind NPR's WW...DTM! try a new "yogurt for men"; the Philadelphia Daily News's Chain Gang hunts down a Shamrock Shake, describing it as "a little like a creme de menthe parfait, minus the alcohol."


  1. Of all the improvements made on McDonald's "food" in the last ten years, the only one I'm not on board with is the changes they made to their shakes. I miss my gallon o'mint!

  2. bill.1:10 PM

    middling attempt at humor and a total failure as a review.

    It's a Greek yogurt, so I compared it to Chobani and the main difference is the serving size. A Chobani serving is 160g and a Powerful yogurt serving is 227g. So, yeah, there's more protein, but then you're also shoving more sugar and sodium down your piehole.

  3. Chuck3:29 PM

    I guess you are jaded, or realistic(?), when you see the nutrition info on the Shamrock Shake (530 calories, 15 grams fat) and think to yourself, "Gee, that's not as bad as I would have guessed."

  4. Adlai4:00 PM

    Every year I get one, knowing that 15 minutes later I'll sort of regret that decision. Ah, tradition.