Thursday, March 21, 2013

LUTZ!  SI ranks the 68 tournament teams based on the coolest alum of each institution.

Also: if you know anything useful about this year's squads from Creighton, Cincinnati, San Diego State, Oklahoma State, Duke, Albany, Georgetown or Florida Gulf Coast, please let me know, because my dad and I will be there for all the fun tomorrow and Sunday.)

(And I'm already wondering: is March Madness opening weekend one of those sporting events which are better on tv than live, because of all the other games going on?)


  1. Anonymous4:24 PM

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  2. I officially watch too much TCM when I immediately think that Valparaiso's most famous alum is Beulah Bondi, star of Make Way For Tomorrow

  3. MissAmynae9:21 PM

    yes, opening rounds are better on tv. There's always a game on, and now that they're carrying every single one, you can flip around if you want. I started doing brackets when I was 8, so yeah, I'm a bit obsessed. I've got my tv, laptop and desktop all running different games at the same time at some points.

    Later rounds are awesome live. We get them here in Austin sometimes, and they are so much fun. You'll have fun either way :-) SDSU is usually fun to watch, Creighton/Cincy is a great matchup, and OU sucks (but thats every day, not limited to hoops).

  4. Genevieve11:19 PM

    Better known as Jimmy Stewart's mother in It's a Wonderful Life and Mr. Smith goes to Washington!

  5. But amusingly for how many times she played mothers, never married or had any kids.

  6. The Pathetic Earthling11:04 AM

    I had no idea that Gregory Peck was a Cal alum. I'd have gone with Bill Bixby.

  7. The Star-Ledger did a column today on Florida Gulf Coast based on the theme "This place didn't even exist the last time Rutgers made the NCAAs!"