Friday, March 22, 2013

FIGHT FIERCELY, HARVARD: Fair Harvard may have won its first ever NCAA basketball tournament game yesterday, but in deeper shame, they've been stripped of 4 NAQT titles (the successor to College Bowl) due to a team member's unauthorized access to question materials.  (Some in these parts will be quite happy that one of the titles has now been awarded to former runner-up Chicago.)


  1. Shit. What's this going to do to their recruiting?

  2. How on Earth can it possibly be considered wrong for coastal elites to take advantage of their privileged relationships with the Powers That Be in order to put themselves ahead of the flyover commoners who would show the unmitigated gall to rise above their station? Pish-tosh, I say!

    (Also: go Gophers!)

  3. isaac_spaceman11:53 AM

    What is it with Harvard and cheating? I cannot understand how a school could breed such competitiveness given their policy of never giving a student anything less than an A-minus.