Thursday, March 7, 2013

EGOT WATCH DESK:With news that Tina Fey and her husband Jeff Richmond (both multiple Emmy-winners for 30 Rock) are in the preliminary stages of working on Mean Girls: The Musical, which would seem to give them an outside shot at finishing the EGOT. 

Two other Mean Girls thoughts:

1.  Kind of amazing how much the supporting cast has surpassed Lohan in recent years, with McAdams, Seyfried, and Caplan all going on to much bigger and better things.
2.  The exception?  The kid who played Kevin G, who's now a professional calligrapher.  Admittedly, this may or may not place him ahead of Lohan on the personal and professional success meter at this point.


  1. Adam B.9:19 AM

    You beat me to it by 15 minutes. My proposed title was STILL TRYING TO MAKE 'FETCH' HAPPEN.

  2. I'll take the guy who prints other people's words beautifully over those who speak other people's words while looking beautiful.

  3. Ahead. Way the fuck ahead.

  4. Although Lacy Chabert appears to have disappeared into some sort of Hallmark/Lifetime movie drain.

  5. Which is too bad, because in this and Not Another Teen Movie she does some wickedly funny work that's not a million miles away from parodying Jennifer Love Hewitt.