Thursday, March 7, 2013

NOT GONNA PHONE IT IN TONIGHT: With Justin Timberlake about to become the first new member of the Five Timers Club since 1999, Vulture ranks the current members on their SNL work.

(Overrated: Walken. Underrated: Hanks. Properly rated: Baldwin.)


  1. Randy3:06 PM

    Follow-up question: who do we want to join the five-timers club? Who should they invite back again and again? My two immediate answers to this question are, of course, Jon Hamm and Melissa McCarthy. (And, apparently, McCarthy is hosting her second episode in early April?)

  2. Adam B.3:19 PM

    There's only one woman in the 5TC. I'd like to see alumni Poehler, Fey, and Rudolph all get there.

    And yes on Hamm and McCarthy.

  3. Randy3:23 PM

    You're absolutely right about Poehler, Fey, Rudolph. They initially slipped my mind because I wasn't thinking of former cast members. (Man, that Rudolph-hosted episode was a classic.)

    I'd also like to see Anne Hathaway make it to five. I know that it's cool to hate on her lately (for the record, I don't hate her, but I can understand why people might), but she's a really funny host.

  4. Alan Sepinwall4:12 PM

    Hanks definitely underrated. The episode that introduced the Five-Timers Club is one of a handful of the best, deepest SNL episodes ever. He, Baldwin and Martin, in some order, are a clear cut above every other host, IMO.

  5. Adam B.4:54 PM

    Indeed, wow -- Global Warming Christmas Special, Mr Subliminal, a Mr Short-Term Memory, Sabra Shopping Network, and Paul Simon meets his wife-to-be (unscripted).

  6. Walken is absolutely massively overrated--his weird stare as he reads the cue cards in his odd rhythm works because the writers have figured out how to build sketches around it, but doesn't show nearly the diversity that truly great SNL hosts have. Basically, every Walken character is "vaguely creepy guy."

    And the best thing TImberlake has ever done on SNL? His hosting in two minutes flat.

  7. KCosmo's neighbor7:03 PM

    I can't watch a clip of Justin Timberlake without a huge grin on my face. I know I sound like a teenage girl, but is he not just the cutest thing? He nails it every time. I will fight to stay awake on Saturday night!

  8. I thought Gould was a member too?

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  10. Dave S2:07 PM

    The intro says they're only listing hosts who have hosted at least once in the last twenty years, which excludes Gould, Buck Henry and Candice Bergen.

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