Saturday, March 9, 2013

ON SECOND THOUGHT, MAYBE DON'T TRY THE DANISH: Remember Noma, the "new Nordic" Copenhagen restaurant dubbed Best in the World, about which Eric J once said "It's amazing how many of the dishes on Noma's menu sound like what you'd make in the middle of February when the pantry is empty and you're just trying to stave off starvation until the winter is over" and Marsha added "I just don't want my food dragged through anything, even if it's more food"? Well, as the Copenhagen Post reports:
A total of 67 guests succumb to vomiting and diarrhoea after dining at Noma, Denmark’s most famous gourmet restaurant.... The national food authorities, Fødevarestyrelsen, inspected the restaurant on February 20 after it received reports that a number of the restaurant's guests had become ill with Roskilde Sickness, a norovirus that causes vomiting and diarrhoea, after dining there from February 12-16.

Out of 78 guests served over the period, a total of 63 fell ill, which prompted Fødevarestyrelsen to make an inspection in which it found hygiene problems.

“There has been illness among staff who have handled the food products”, Fødevarestyrelsen wrote in its report. “The inspection visit was due to guests complaining of vomiting and diarrhoea.” Fødevarestyrelsen went on to criticise Noma for not disinfecting the kitchen in time in order to prevent the contagion from spreading. It also discovered that there was no hot water in the taps that staff used to wash their hands.


  1. Jordan9:26 AM

    Reading over the last post, I've decided that this is all some kind of multimedia comedy experience centered on Lorne Michaels again trying to expand Weekend Update.

    [Enter Stefon]
    Stefon: Hi Seth. [Breathes heavily into hands] I'm want to tell you about Copenhagen's hottest new restaurant, "Noma."
    Seth: What kind of food do they serve there?
    Stefon: If you go, get the carrots that have been cooked at low temperature for hours, served over black hay ash and sorrel sauce.
    Seth: Hay ash?
    Stefon: Or the langoustines...[giggles uncontrollably] served on a rock, which you dragged through seaweed powder and oyster sauce.
    Seth: Wait, what? That doesn't even make sense. Do they serve anything normal?
    Stefon: You might want to try the frozen cod liver, sliced thin, that you have to eat immediately because it's melting.
    Seth: Really?
    Stefon: Well if that's not for you, you could try the raw Danish squid, served with unripe sloe berries and pickled Douglas fir.
    Seth: Picked Douglas fir, like the tree?
    Stefon: Like the tree.
    Seth: Okay...Stefon everybody!
    Stefon: [Breathes heavily into hands]

  2. I say this never ever would have happened at Ferran Adria's El Bulli. Going to Barcelona in May a and hopeful that I'll come up with reservations for both Tickets and 41 Degrees. I can take 4 days off from my new lifestyle.