Wednesday, April 24, 2013

EGOT RED ALERT:  You know how we like to fake-cast Anne Hathaway and NPH in every Broadway role possible?  Because this fall, Anne Hathaway really is going to star alongside Alan Cumming in a Broadway revival of Cabaret.

(This also raises questions as to Season 5 of The Good Wife, for what it's worth.)


  1. Marsha2:46 PM

    Wasn't that already a question given that the election is supposed to wrap up this week?

  2. Adam B.3:14 PM

    Well, if Peter wins, he can become a senior advisor to the Governor and/or Diane's campaign manager for the state supremes; if Peter loses, he can return to "crisis management" or whatever they had him doing in-house with the cheese lobby.

  3. Jenn.3:38 PM

    As much as I actually do like both of these actors, not sure that this adds that the previous Alan Cumming revival did not already add?

    Also: I like Alan Cumming on The Good Wife, but I don't think that they've been able to use Eli consistently well for a while now.

  4. Cumming has basically denied the report on Twitter.

  5. bellawilfer12:56 PM

    Hearing this is categorically not true but that there's another Cabaret casting tidbit that will be breaking soon.