Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SOON TO BE SEEN AT A STADIUM NEAR YOU:  Daenerys Stormborn, of the House Targaryen, of the blood of old Valyria, gets the slow clap.

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  1. Jenn.1:00 PM

    Not that I want to come across as a ridiculous fangirl, but O.M.G., that whole scene was F'ING AWESOME. I believe that our household has watched that scene six times. I may be undercounting.

  2. Jordan3:26 PM

    That episode (and that scene in particular) was so awesome it could have functioned as a season finally and I would not have been unhappy. But it was only episode four. Which means that the dramatic arc is still on the way up. Which has me very, very nervous for the long term prospects of a lot of the characters.

  3. We've watched it at least four times now. 'SHE SPEAKS VALYRIAN?!?"

  4. Duvall8:25 PM

    This is what Kraznys gets for not watching the opening credits of his own show. He would have known that the Targaryens left Valyria to invade Westeros and saved himself some real embarrassment.

  5. Slightly more realistically, you'd think as a trader he would know his buying public a bit better. :)

  6. The Pathetic Earthling9:23 AM

    Been a while since I read Storm of Swords, but it's pretty clear throughout the books that the folks of Essos don't think very much of anyone from Westeros. So it was consistent at least with that.