Tuesday, April 30, 2013

EGOT WATCH:The big surprise of the Tony nominations is that despite stellar reviews, Bette Midler doesn't have a shot of advancing her chances of EGOT, but a few folks that do:
  • Tom Hanks, who's up for Best Actor in a Play, and if he wins, would be missing only a Grammy.
  • Holland Taylor, up for Best Actress, who already has an Emmy.
  • Cyndi Lauper, up for Best Score for Kinky Boots, would need only an Oscar to finish hers if she wins, having won an Emmy for Mad About You.  Sadly, "The Goonies R Good Enough" did not get her that.
  • Tony Shalhoub, up for Featured Actor in a Play, has several Emmys from Monk.
  • Andrea Martin, frontrunner for Featured Actress in a Musical, has two Emmys for writing SCTV.
As projected, looks like Kinky Boots and Matilda will square off, but the other surprise is that despite huge ticket sales, Motown didn't get into the top categories.


  1. sconstant9:52 AM

    Didn't know this previously, but while trying to figure out who Andrea Martin is, I saw that she already has a Tony, from 1982. So not sure why she's still dabbling with theater instead of taking up the guitar in her trailer in between takes on a movie set.

  2. Adam B.9:55 AM

    I saw her in Fiddler on the Roof with Harvey Fierstein during that last revival.

    Also, I like Kenneth Posner's chances in Best Lighting for a Musical.

  3. I'll Eat You Last just officially opened last week - were Midler's chances at a nomination hurt by the timing?

  4. sconstant10:26 AM

    I really liked the lighting in Matilda, though. Vanstone made me really believe those were people were being hit with photons.

  5. KCosmo's neighbor10:31 AM

    I'm so happy Kinky Boots received so much well-deserved love. It was great! And I'm happy about Bring it On too--I loved it (but I know it won't win). I'm so glad I got to see so many shows this year. I'm looking forward to a very entertaining broadcast.

  6. Probably not. Late opening shows typically do better than early openers at Tony time. I think it may have been hurt by the fact that while it's a play, it's a one-woman show where she barely moves the entire time.

  7. Tough year for CBS and the broadcast - will be tough to convince Bette to do it since she wasn't nominated, and Alan Cumming is network and wasn't nominated either. I guess they'll just rely on Tom Hanks?

  8. If he had been nominated, I was guessing Jim Parsons as host, who's still a possibility., The problem is that he may be too tied up in his Sheldon character to effectively host.

  9. I think she got hurt because while it's a big performance, it's not a physically showy/demanding one, and she's kind of playing herself. She spends the entire show sitting on a couch. Also, there were A LOT of solo shows this year--Ann, Macbeth, Testament of Mary.

  10. KCosmo's neighbor12:47 PM

    It was just very fun and cute. I can see why it closed though--it has a very narrow appeal. I saw it with a friend and my two girls, so we were smack dab in the bulls-eye of their demographic. The audience was filled with cheerleaders (they were wearing their cheerleader hair bows). It was cute, but a little "Honey Boo Boo-ish."

  11. Laura3:24 PM

    I am so impressed with Tracy Letts, nominated for best actor in Va Wolfe? and winner of the Tony and the Pulitzer for August: Osage County. His mother (Billie Letts) must be so proud!