Wednesday, May 8, 2013

TWIVO:  Congratulations to 17-year-old high school senior Jennie Lamere of Nashua, NH, who in 10 hours and 150 lines of code won a recent Boston hackathon by creating an extension to Google Chrome browser which allows users to block posts containing certain words from their Twitter fees for a particular period of time -- allowing people to stay on Twitter while others are tweeting about shows they haven't had a chance to see yet.  Sounds like godsend for West Coast viewers in general, or anyone who engages in time-shifted programming.

Oh, and this: she was the only female entrant among the eighty who competed, and the only one coding solo. She'll attend Rochester Institute of Technology this fall.


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  2. Is this actually going to work? A lot of spoiler tweets don't have the name of the show in them. I guess you could set it up so that Sunday night you blocked out the names of all the characters from your favorite shows, as well as that show's hashtags, but man, still testing fate.

    I think another great hack is to just shut down Twitter until you've watched everything.