Thursday, June 13, 2013

HAPPILY EVER AFTER?  Disney announced a bunch of title shifts and release dates today, and two are of particular note--the sequel to The Muppets is now formally titled Muppets Most Wanted, and will release March 21, 2014, apparently looking to the Spring Break release window that was very profitable for The Croods this year.  (I wouldn't be shocked to see a teaser attached to Monsters University.)  Into The Woods is also formally dated for Christmas Day, 2014, giving Disney an interesting one-two punch in December 2014 of the Brad Bird/Damon Lindelof/George Clooney Tomorrowland and ITW two weeks later.  More oddly, they've also announced that Planes, this summer's spinoff of Cars, will get a sequel quickly--next summer, in fact. 


  1. bill.9:12 AM

    There's also a push to retitle some of the older movies, see here and here.

    BANG!...Mommy? is my favorite.

  2. Jason Carlin11:00 AM

    A month or so ago, I heard one of the voice actors was on the Comedy Film Nerds podcast and said "Planes" was originally a straight-to-DVD spin-off that became a trilogy, and then Disney decided to drop them into theatres for a run.