Monday, June 10, 2013

WHOSE MANAGER WANTS TO SPEND MONEY?  In order to compete for the Emmys, you have to officially enter, and the ballots are now open, and some interesting folks who decided submitting was worth their time:

  • Tim Gunn is now co-submitted with Heidi Klum as "hosts" of Project Runway.  (Odd because the 4 "hosts" of The Taste opted for separate eligibility.)
  •  The Thick of It is apparently Emmy eligible this year, which could throw some surprises into the mix.  (As is Orphan Black, which could shake up the lead actress in a drama race.)
  • Matthew Morrison continues to pretend that he is a "lead" on Glee.
  • Somewhat surprisingly, Last Resort was submitted as a "drama series," not a mini-series, which places Andre Braugher in a much tougher field (though Michael Douglas seems a veritable lock for Behind the Candelabra).
  • Kaley Cuoco drops back to supporting actress.
  • Damon and Douglas are both running in lead for Behind the Candelabra.
  • Sutton Foster is submitted as a lead for Bunheads, though no one else was submitted, even if ABC Family has multiple Pretty Little Liars on the list.  (Other hourlongs running as comedies?  Hart of Dixie and The Carrie Diaries)
  • Interestingly, everyone from Smash is submitted, but all in the supporting categories. In contrast, Game of Thrones offers limited choices, all supporting--Coster-Waldau, Dinklage, Harrington, Clarke, Dormer, Fairley, Headey.  (Ciaran Hinds and Diana Riggs are guests.)
  • Some ridiculous ones--Katie Cassidy, lead actress in a drama for Arrow, Tracy Spiradakos, lead actress in a drama for Revolution, Matthew Moy, supporting actor in a comedy for Two Broke Girls, Austin Basis, outstanding supporting actor for Beauty and the Beast.  Sadly, no one from Gossip Girl even bothered submitting.
  • For writing--Arrested Development opted to submit only the finale, Community submitted the comic book, puppet, and body switch episodes, HIMYM submitted Robin Sparkles and the time travel episode, Game of Thrones submitted only "Rains of Castamere," Newsroom submitted only the pilot.
I'm sure there's more if you dig--have fun!


  1. Adam B.10:57 PM

    The Greatest Event In Television History submitted for Special Class - Short Format.

  2. To clarify, this is what was thought last year to be The Greatest Event In Television History (Simon and Simon), and not the actual Greatest Event (which we can assume will sweep next year's Emmys). In the category, I'm confused, because people from some of those Special Class are submitted in the drama/comedy acting categories. Would have been interesting to see if NPH could have secured a nomination for Dr. Horrible. (And Greatest Event v. Lizzie Bennett Diaries is an interesting showdown.)

  3. Tracy Spiradakos - HAHAHAHAAHAHAAAHAHAAAAAAaaaaa. That is ballsy. I mean, good for her and that confidence, but I think she is the Alex O'Loughlin of NBC. And I bet that's going to work out for her as well as it did for him, so, again, good for her.

  4. Joseph Finn12:04 AM

    Charles Dance not submitting is a sadness.

  5. Adam B.8:19 AM

    Amy Schumer (HT: Sepinwall), as well as Key and Peele, have submitted as Supporting for their eponymous shows.

  6. Randy9:49 AM

    With Damon and Douglas both submitting as leads, here's hoping that will help Rob Lowe in the supporting category. His performance as Dr. Startz is one of my favorite things of 2013.

  7. sconstant9:50 AM

    Louie is doing a service to women, outstanding guest actor noms are chockablock with his romantic entanglements, his ex-wife, and his daughters.

  8. Adam B.9:56 AM

    Also, the boy who played Never. I do love these descriptions for the guests:

    Jeremy Shinder
    as Never Cartesian

    Never’s mom asks Louie to watch him one afternoon. After he pushes a stroller into the street, requests raw meat for a snack and has diarrhea
    in the tub, Louie tells Never he needs to stop being so weird if he ever
    wants people to like him.

  9. Adam B.9:58 AM

    Also, David Lynch was submitted. Given that he is 0-for-4 on EGOT so far (despite Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, etc.), it's one way to start.

  10. Dave S11:28 AM

    British agents seem to have been really negligent on submitting their clients for Game of Thrones. You'd think a lot of the missing would at least have shots at nominations.

  11. The Pathetic Earthling2:27 PM

    It may well be that the Lannister family dynamics are so awesome in the second half of A Storm of Swords that he wanted to keep his powder dry for next time around. But, yes. He's a gem.

  12. The supporting acting categories are crazy loaded because so many shows submit everyone (Game of Thrones) or almost everyone as supporting (everyone from Scandal except Kerry Washington, everyone from Good Wife except Julianna Marguiles).

  13. I'd be weirdly happy to see Lynch get a nod. What an interesting, crazy performance that fit the plot beautifully.