Tuesday, July 16, 2013

HANS ... BUBBIE ... I'M YOUR WHITE KNIGHT:  Is there anything left to be said about Die Hard upon its twenty-fifth birthday today? Maybe, says MZS:
More often than not, what's being made fun of is machismo itself. Man after man gets wounded or dies because he gives into rage, complacency or cockiness. The FBI guys Johnson and Johnson ("No, the other one") might have been the heroes in a different, less interesting film; look at how they run roughshod over everyone, inadvertently helping Hans' plans come to fruition. The coke-snorting Yuppie Ellis gets shot because he bought his own Master-of-the-Universe hype and thought of the hostage situation as another deal that he could negotiate, like a merger or acquisition. Hans' minions tend to think with their adrenal glands instead of their brains, particularly Alexander Godunov's Karl, who's so driven by the need to avenge his brother's death at the hero's hands that he can't think beyond the next five minutes. None of these men are as fearsome as they imagine. 
Bonus!  Vulture lists the twenty-five best post-Die Hard action films, more or less. (It's only one-per-franchise, and they forgot Face/Off, which is absurd. Both in the since that the film is absurd, and that it's absurd to exclude it from the list.)


  1. I would have assumed it was released at Christmas, given its Christmas setting.

  2. Joseph Finn2:28 PM

    The only one of the Shane Black Christmas Saga movies that have been released in the Christmas season is The Last Action Hero on 12/13/1991. Kiss Kiss was 11/11/2005, Lethal Weapon 3/6/1987 and Iron Man 3 4/14/2013. (I may be mis-remembering Long Kiss Goodnight as also being set at Christmas, but that was October of 1996 anyway.)

  3. Randy3:20 PM

    So, people are still saying that The Dark Knight's a good movie? I thought that was agreed to be a mass delusion, like Avatar a year later or Pacific Rim this year. (Yes, I'm still pounding the "Pacific Rim is terrible!" drum.)

    This list should include Face/Off, absolutely. I'd also include Shoot Em Up. The Fugitive should be MUCH higher - probably top 3.

  4. Joseph Finn4:39 PM

    "So, people are still saying that The Dark Knight's a good movie? "

    Agreeing, yes.

    Anyhow, this list does have a few flaws. Avatar but no Fist of Legend? Mission Impossible (MI:GP is excellent, the other three fairly forgettable) but no Long Kiss Goodnight?